More than 60 years ago The Arc of East Central Iowa founders began canvassing neighborhoods to address the needs and concerns of people with disabilities. Now, more than half a decade later, we offer a variety of programs and services that help enhance the lives of people with intellectual and related disabilities.

If you are interested in applying for services from The Arc of East Central Iowa, you may fill out and submit the Referral Form available in the right sidebar. Read below for more information about our services.


It can be difficult for families to find an experienced caretaker for someone with special needs. Respite is the supervised temporary care of a child or adult with developmental disabilities. Respite service may not be provided as daycare during times when the usual caregiver is working. Because family needs differ, a variety of Respite services are available. If you would like to talk to someone about Respite care or to schedule a Respite, contact Respite Scheduling at (319) 365-0487.

Supported Community Living (SCL)

SCL service provides regularly scheduled sessions to assist people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live inclusively in the community. The Arc helps to design a skill-based training program intended to assist the consumer in becoming more independent in his or her home and community. For more information about SCL services contact The Arc at (319) 365-0487.

Consumer Directed Attendant Care (CDAC)

Individuals who cannot perform basic self-care skills at home can access Consumer Directed Attendant Care. Trained staff assists consumers with tasks that would otherwise be done independently. Assistance includes tasks such as dressing, bathing supports, meal preparation, eating, transportation, and others. For more information about Consumer Directed Attendant Care services contact The Arc at (319) 365-0487.

Intermittent Medical Monitoring and Treatment (IMMT)

Intermittent medical monitoring and treatment services shall provide experiences for each consumer’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development. The service will include comprehensive development care and special services for a consumer with special needs. It will also include medical assessment, medical monitoring, and medical intervention as needed on a regular or emergency basis. This service also allows the consumer’s usual care giver to be employed.

HCBS Habilitation Services Program

Habilitation Services is a program to provide Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) for Iowans with the functional impairments typically associated with chronic mental illnesses. Habilitation Services are designed to assist participants in acquiring, retaining and improving the self-help, socialization and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in home and community-based settings. For more information about HAB services contact The Arc at (319) 365-0487.

Daycare/After Work Enrichment Program

We provide a fun, safe, and structured environment for your loved one. Our low staff to consumer ratio allows each consumer to receive the attention and reinforcement necessary for personal growth. The program offers a variety of daily activities that vary according to the needs and abilities of the consumers involved. Some examples of activities include educational exercises involving safety, reading, cooking, or daily living skills; social and leisure activities such as swimming, games, crafts, and music. There are two option of the program that The Arc offers:
• Daycare (Ages 5-21)
• Choice (Ages 18+)

Community Integration

This day habilitation program serves adults with intellectual disabilities who are on the ID waiver. It is based in the community and primarily uses the city bus for transportation. Each participant is helped to develop or maintain life skills, and to participate meaningfully in the community. Emphasis is on individuals choosing their activities and assisting in the planning process.

Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH uses a combination of classroom instruction coupled with workplace internships to prepare individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities for competitive employment. It is provided by The Arc of East Central Iowa in partnership with UnityPoint St. Luke’s Hospital and Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services. For more information about Project SEARCH please contact The Arc at (319) 365-0487 or check out our Project SEARCH brochure. Download a Project SEARCH application here.

Assessment & Employment Services

Assessment & Employment Services assist persons to obtain successful community employment opportunities that are responsive to their choices and preferences. Through a strengths-based approach, the program provides person-directed services and supports to individuals to choose and maintain employment in integrated community employment settings. For more information about Assessment & Employment Services please contact The Arc at (319) 365-0487 or check out our Assessment & Employment Services Brochure.