The Arc of East Central Iowa

680 2nd St. SE Ste 220, Cedar Rapids IA 52401

(319) 365-0487
Name Position Extension
Ashton Wilson Supported Employment Coordinator 1020
Avary McKinney Service and Support Coordinator 1053
Bailey Freese Service and Support Coordinator 1001
Cheryl Pettit Service and Support Coordinator 1043
Cheryl Pond Administrative Specialist 1010
Deb Gorsline Systems Coordinator 1038
Denise Henderson Director of Finance 1039
Derek Xayasouk Community Integration Program Coordinator 1056
Doriene Loomis Administrative Specialist 1013
Emily Pennington Service & Support Specialist 1012
Evan Willhite Service and Support Coordinator 1017
Gary Olson Service and Support Coordinator 1030
Jen Olson Graphic Design & Web Coordinator 1066
Jill McDowell Human Resource Generalist 1054
Jody Bridgewater Director of Services and Supports 1045
Katie Kiekhoefer Site Based Coordinator 1062
Katie Shaull Service and Support Coordinator 1064
Kim Haugh Finance Specialist 1040
Kirsten Jaeger Service & Support Specialist 1027
Krista Sigel Service Center Coordinator 1016
Kyle Schramp Senior Operations Director 1021
Leah Moser Community Integration Program Manager 1009
Lexi Coberly Event & Mission Outreach Coordinator 1024
Linh Nguyen Finance Coordinator 1041
Nancy Rife Special Projects Facilitator 1063
Patience Aaron Assoc Site Based Coordinator 1065
Stephanie Beary Project SEARCH Skills Instructor 1055
Tara Cornelius Site Based Program Manager 1044
Tara Patterson Service and Support Coordinator 1028
Tom Wade Service & Support Facilitator 1001
Whitney Alber Senior Program Manager 1022